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Alyson and Aislyn's Story


“I believe that even when it seems like life is difficult and there are nothing but barriers around you, you have to keep walking.  God is with and will provide.  His timing is always perfect.”  - Alyson

     Alyson was in desperate need of help.  

     She was caring for her daughter with special medical needs.  Their income just wasn’t making it.  Alyson was working but needed to be there for her daughter more.  They had moved to Erie to pursue better healthcare.  But, with living costs rising and wages staying the same, she couldn’t keep up. And now their water was getting shut off at 4:30.

     She had tried everything possible but couldn’t find anyone who could help them.  Finally, she called St. Martin Center.  She cried when we told her that we could pay her water bill and make sure she didn’t lose a thing.  The relief came in the nick of time!

     His timing is always perfect.”

     Throughout this process, Alyson had faith that God would provide.  This faith led her to us. 

     Every day, others just like Alyson come to us in need.  They need food, rent or mortgage assistance, and early education for their children.  Because of you, we are here for each one of them. 

     But…we can’t stop now.  We need your support so we can continue to be here and so others like Alyson can see God’s perfect timing in meeting their need.

     Our goal is to raise $50,000 in Alyson’s honor to continue to help Erie County families.  Can you get us there? 

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