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"I am making a way..." - Is. 43:19

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“…do not dwell on the past.” 
“…a new thing.”

     THE PAST:
     Sara needed help paying her rent.  She made an appointment to come talk with our staff.  She had to take off work to come.  We never wanted that.  This was the only way to get the forms filled out and make copies of her documents so that we could help her.
     Jeff needed food but didn’t have a car.  He walked to our food pantry and took as many bags as he could, being mindful of the weight of the items he could carry.  He declined the rest of the food, which would’ve fed him another week.  He was hungry but turned down food because he couldn’t get it home. 

     We wanted a different experience for people like Sara and Jeff.  We wanted better.


     The world has changed over the last year.  We’ve had two choices: dwell on the old or see the new.  Was God talking about adapting our services to meet the community’s needs when he said the words in Isaiah 43:18-19?  Probably not.  But there is wisdom to be found here.  We’ve grown into the “new”, and we know the only thing to do is keep growing.  Erie County families need that.

     Someone like Sara who needs rent can still call us.  But they don’t have to take off work anymore.  Thanks to wonderful donors, we bought electronic document signing software to securely email forms.  While the in-person appointment is still here, we know we need to offer more if we want to help.

     We also now deliver food to those most vulnerable or who lack transportation, like Jeff.  One gentleman suffers from gout.  He cried when we told him we could bring his food to him.  

     We can only do all of this with your help.  We don’t know what the future holds.  But we know we will continue to grow, and we invite you to come alongside us!  A gift below provides the resources and staff that help people.  You can show families who have struggled so much this year that there is hope!  

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