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Financial Literacy Class

Financial Literacy PreTest

Financial Class Pre-Training Survey

(NOTE: This is NOT our home-buying class.  Our home-buying class is not currently available. You are welcome to take PHFA's training if this is what you are looking for: PHFA Online Homebuyer Education Course)

Test your financial know-how!  Take this test and hit "submit" at the bottom to be taken to the "Money Smart" Financial Literacy Class.

Net income is how much you earn before taxes and deductions.
There are only two ways to receive income: cash or check.
Income includes:
Paycheck deductions may include:
Thinking about your spending and saving plan is all it takes to manage your money.
Will garnishment of your wages increase or decrease your take-home pay?
A spending and saving plan:
When you don't have enough money to pay all of your bills on time:
If you spend more than your income can support, look for ways to: